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Anglican ordinands in the UK are entitled to a free subscription to the Church Times for the duration of their training. Published every Friday, the Church Times features professional reporting of church news from the UK and abroad, wide-ranging features on faith, arts and history, varied comment pieces, book reviews and more.

Ordinands receive the paper delivered free every week as well as full access to the website, online archive and iPhone/iPad app. There are no strings attached and the offer is open to those training full or part-time, in residence or on a recognised course. To apply call 01603 785911 or email

(Please include your course start and end dates, the name of your college/university and your postal address.)

Welcome to the class of 2015

If you’re packing, unpacking, resigning from a job, trying to fit an extra book case in your study…applying for grants…off on retreat or holiday…measuring up for robes… then you are probably about to begin your ordination training. Welcome.

It’s a time of immense transition whether you are moving into college or studying part-time. The Ordinands’ Association is here to help where we can whether as a port of call for information and help or acting as national representation throughout your studies.

Ordinands’ Association

The Ordinands’ Association exists to represent all those in training for ordination – whether part-time or full-time, in college or on a course. We represent your views to Ministry Division via a network of elected representatives.

Not heard of us before? We were, until recently, known as the Association of Ordinands & Candidates for Ministry (AOCM).  Our previous website is still available at – we are shifting, sifting and updating information gradually to this new site.

The Richards Trust

The Richards Trust is a fund administered by SPCK, with the purpose of assisting ordinands in financial need. It does not provide scholarships as such but is a contingency fund to help ordinands who fall into financial difficulty during the course of their training. The trust deed stipulates that candidates must be under the age of 40 and preparing for ordination in the Church of England.

The application procedure is very simple. There is no formal application form. Ordinands wishing to apply for assistance should write to the Secretary of the Trust, explaining the background to their financial difficulties and providing a full breakdown of their income and expenditure. A supporting letter from their principal/director must be provided, either accompanying the application or sent separately.

The Trustees consider each application as it arrives so that a response can be made swiftly and a grant, if awarded, paid without delay.

Assistance for students preparing for Ordination

Applications are invited from students in need of financial assistance. Applicants should be students under the age of forty and be preparing for Ordination in the Church of England.

Applicants should write stating why they are in need, with a breakdown of their income and expenditure, and an endorsement/supporting letter from their college principal. The request can then be considered swiftly by the trustees.

Please apply in writing to:

Mrs Pat Phillips
The Richards Trust
36 Causton Street

The Mylne Trust

This charity exists “for the benefit of persons of either sex who are, or have been, engaged in evangelistic work, including retired missionaries or missionaries still engaged as such or continuing Christian workers”.

Under this description, grants are awarded to individuals towards their personal living expenses in undertaking Christian outreach projects, for periods of training for Christian ministry and outreach and to retired persons whose lives have included Christian evangelistic work. Under the terms of its original endowment, the trust is only permitted to support Christian workers from Protestant denominations.

Applications for Grants

Applications are invited from persons who qualify under the above description. The trustees meet quarterly to consider applications and decide on awards. Please do not make prior contact with the administrator about the likelihood of an application being accepted.

Please see the Mylne Trust website for details on how to apply for a grant.

Robin Twining
The Mylne Trust Clerk
PO BOX 530
United Kingdom


The trustees like to see that applicants are making best efforts to receive funding from all possible sources. It should be noted that declaring your applications to other sources of funding, and any grants your have received, will not prejudice your chances of being awarded a grant by the trust.

Following up on Applications

If you indicate an email address, your application will be acknowledged on arrival and, if funds are available and you appear to qualify for consideration for a grant, the date of the trust meeting at which it will be considered will be indicated. You should therefore hear by email no later than 2 weeks after that meeting. If you do not have email, you will be advised by post.

Trustees’ Discretion

Please note that the trustees have total discretion in the making of grants and will not enter into any kind of correspondence or discussion about the reasons awards are made or refused.

CPAS Ministers In Training Fund

Please read these notes carefully before completing the application forms below.


The Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS) makes grants from its Ministers in Training Fund to those training for authorized ministry in the Anglican Churches of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The Fund is made up almost entirely of direct giving from evangelical parishes and individuals.

Historically, CPAS has given grants for “purposes tending to promote true religion in England and Wales consistently with the discipline and order of the Church of England, and with her distinctly Protestant and Evangelical doctrine and principles, as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer and in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.” (from the Synopsis of CPAS)

Therefore, grants are given to those fulfilling three conditions:

1. They are evangelical Anglican Christians. Those applying are asked to signify their agreement with the principles upon which the Society’s ministry is based (given in the quotation from the Synopsis above) and their full assent to the CPAS Basis of Faith, a contemporary evangelical Anglican statement of doctrine (reproduced on the reverse of this sheet).

2. They have been recommended for training for ordained or accredited lay ministry following a Bishops’ Advisory Panel (organised by the Ministry Division of the Archbishops’ Council) or national equivalent e.g. Provincial Selection Conference, and they contemplate parochial ministry in the United Kingdom or Ireland for at least three years after ordination or licensing.

3. They are in genuine need of financial support. Grants are given for personal or family support only: this fund is not able to give book grants or cover for academic fees.

The making of a grant does not involve any condition as to where a man or woman should serve their first post after training. However, bearing in mind the source of the funds from which grants are made, it is hoped that grantees will seek to serve in a parish whose incumbent is in full sympathy with the principles upon which CPAS bases its ministry.

Completing the Forms

Please give answers as fully as possible to the questions on the application form. Return this in good time so that we can take up references. The budget forms needs to be as accurate as possible with a realistic amount for expenditure, given that there may have to be some readjustments to lifestyle when training starts! We do realise that unexpected expenses may occur during training, and exceptional circumstances will be considered sympathetically.

If you do not yet have figures from LEA/CFMT/diocese etc. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE FORM in until these are known. Grant meetings take place twice a year in October and January so please note that if details are missing there may be a delay before decisions can be made.

We are sometimes asked where ‘giving’ should be included on the budget form, and we suggest that it is included within ‘Housekeeping’. On the expenditure side, please give your spouse’s income net of tax and National Insurance contributions.

We only have a limited amount to award each year so there may be fluctuations in the size of grants year by year. Diocesan guidelines may limit total amounts allowed from charities.

Basis of Faith

As members of the Anglican Communion within the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church we affirm the faith uniquely revealed in the Holy Scriptures and set forth in the catholic creeds, of which faith the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion are a general exposition. Standing in the Reformation tradition we lay especial emphasis on the grace of God – his unmerited mercy – as expressed in the doctrines which follow.

In continuity with the teaching of Holy Scripture and the Christian creeds, we worship one God in three Persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has created all things, and us in his own image; all life, truth, holiness, and beauty come from him. His Son Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, was conceived through the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died, rose and ascended to reign in glory.

We receive the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments as the wholly reliable revelation and record of God’s grace, given by the Holy Spirit as the true word of God written. The Bible has been given to lead us to salvation, to be the ultimate rule for Christian faith and conduct, and the supreme authority by which the Church must ever reform itself and judge its traditions.

We believe that Jesus Christ came to save lost sinners. Though sinless, he bore our sins, and their judgment, on the cross, thus accomplishing our salvation. By raising Christ bodily from the dead, God vindicated him as Lord and Saviour and proclaimed his victory. Salvation is in Christ alone.

We hold that the Church is God’s covenant community, whose members, drawn from every nation, having been justified by grace through faith, inherit the promises made to Abraham and fulfilled in Christ. As a fellowship of the Spirit manifesting his fruit and exercising his gifts, it is called to worship God, grow in grace, and bear witness to him and his Kingdom. God’s Church is one body and must ever strive to discover and experience that unity in truth and love which it has in Christ, especially through its confession of the apostolic faith and in its observance of the dominical Sacraments.

We maintain that the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion proclaim the gospel as effective and visible signs of our justification and sanctification, and as true means of God’s grace to those who repent and believe. Baptism is the sign of forgiveness of sin, the gift of the Spirit, new birth to righteousness and entry into the fellowship of the People of God. Holy Communion is the sign of the living, nourishing presence of Christ through his Spirit to his people; the memorial of his one, perfect, completed and all sufficient sacrifice for sin, from whose achievement all may benefit but in whose offering none can share; and an expression of our corporate life of sacrificial thanksgiving and service.

We share, as the People of God, in a royal priesthood common to the whole Church, and in the community of the Suffering Servant. Our mission is the proclamation of the gospel by the preaching of the word, as well as by caring for the needy, challenging evil and promoting justice and a more responsible use of the world’s resources. It is the particular vocation of bishops and presbyters, together with deacons, to build up the body of Christ in truth and love, as pastors, teachers, and servants of the servants of God.

We look forward expectantly to the final manifestation of Christ’s grace and glory when he comes again to raise the dead, judge the world, vindicate his chosen and bring his Kingdom to its eternal fulfilment in the new heaven and the new earth.

27 February 1990 (Adapted from the Anglican Evangelical Assembly’s Basis of Faith)


Application Form (Word File) (PDF)
Budget Form (Word File) (PDF)

When completed send the forms to:
Mrs Pauline Walden,
Leadership Development
Athena Drive,
Tachbrook Park,
Warwick, CV34 6NG.
01926 458480.