The Mylne Trust

This charity exists “for the benefit of persons of either sex who are, or have been, engaged in evangelistic work, including retired missionaries or missionaries still engaged as such or continuing Christian workers”.

Under this description, grants are awarded to individuals towards their personal living expenses in undertaking Christian outreach projects, for periods of training for Christian ministry and outreach and to retired persons whose lives have included Christian evangelistic work. Under the terms of its original endowment, the trust is only permitted to support Christian workers from Protestant denominations.

Applications for Grants

Applications are invited from persons who qualify under the above description. The trustees meet quarterly to consider applications and decide on awards. Please do not make prior contact with the administrator about the likelihood of an application being accepted.

Please see the Mylne Trust website for details on how to apply for a grant.

Robin Twining
The Mylne Trust Clerk
PO BOX 530
United Kingdom


The trustees like to see that applicants are making best efforts to receive funding from all possible sources. It should be noted that declaring your applications to other sources of funding, and any grants your have received, will not prejudice your chances of being awarded a grant by the trust.

Following up on Applications

If you indicate an email address, your application will be acknowledged on arrival and, if funds are available and you appear to qualify for consideration for a grant, the date of the trust meeting at which it will be considered will be indicated. You should therefore hear by email no later than 2 weeks after that meeting. If you do not have email, you will be advised by post.

Trustees’ Discretion

Please note that the trustees have total discretion in the making of grants and will not enter into any kind of correspondence or discussion about the reasons awards are made or refused.


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