Resilience, and how to get it

Contemporary ministry brings a whole variety of stresses and strains. So how can people be Kirsten Birkettbest equipped for the long haul of evangelism, discipleship, pastoral care, leadership and ideological conflict?

We asked Kirsten Birkett, who has recently carried out academic research on secular models of building resilience, to consider what ordinands most need in their training if they are to keep strong in serving Christ and his church.

It is a great second instalment in our Training Matters mini-series, and you can read it here.

Taught what to believe 1


One thought on “Resilience, and how to get it

  1. Delighted to see this important subject being explored. Can I just give a shout out for the Sheldon Hub – doing healthy ministry together. A new secure free online community for people in (and training for) ministry. In depth conversations that don’t flinch from the tough stuff when necessary.


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