A Statement from the Ordinands’ Association

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Ordinands’ Association Committee will be held on Thursday 29 June 2017. In accordance with our constitution, the request for a meeting has been signed by representatives from six Training Institutions. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the posting of a tweet (later deleted) from the Association’s account on Thursday 8 June, and to decide on what action should be taken.

We appreciate this is a while to wait, and hope that those closely following events will understand that we can only speak as a committee when we have met as a committee. A further statement will be made on or after Friday 30 June.

We would like to thank everyone who has contacted us, and would encourage all Ordinands who would like to make their views known at the meeting to contact their representative – if you are unsure of who that is, please contact your Training Institution’s administrator. Alternatively, please email the current Secretary of the Ordinands’ Association, Rebecca Feeney, at rebecca.feeney@ssho.ox.ac.uk with the name of your training institution, and she will put you in contact with your representative.

Please pray for us, that we might be granted the gift of wisdom as we prepare to meet.

The Ordinands’ Association Committee