An Apology

The Ordinands’ Association sincerely and unreservedly apologises for a tweet that was posted from our account on 8th June. This tweet commented on a recent event in a way which was inappropriate, and which was wrongly presented as an official position of the OA and the ordinands it represents, who come from across the breadth of the UK Anglican churches. The tweet was later deleted and replaced with an apology, which we reaffirm now.

A meeting of the committee of training institution representatives was held on the 29th June. There it was agreed that, as an association, we are not competent to make statements which affirm or reject any one theological position. These events have highlighted a need for codes of practice governing our use of social media and the circumstances in which, as an Association, we make any kind of public statement. These, we trust, will guard against such things happening in the future. A thorough review of our constitution is taking place and will be presented at our November meeting, which will give us further opportunity to clarify the way we work together to achieve the Association’s objectives.

At our meeting, it was made clear that a number of Ordinands have felt alienated from the Association as a result of what happened. This is a source of great regret for us. Our representatives are elected by the ordinand body of each represented training institution; as a result, a wide variety of views are represented on the committee itself. We want to reaffirm our commitment to representing the needs and best interests of all those in training, and hope this will go some way towards reassuring those who have been following these events with concern.