About OA

The Ordinands’ Association exists to support and represent all those in training for ordination – whether part-time or full-time, in a college or on a course. We represent the needs and views of ordinands to the Church of England’s Ministry Division via a network of elected representatives, who meet together every term. Our aim is that all ordinands receive the best possible training for ministry.

We represent all those sponsored by an Anglican Bishop for ordained ministry in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as those training as evangelists with the Church Army.

OA was formerly known as The Association of Ordinands and Candidates for Ministry (AOCM), which was founded in 1968 by ordinand members of the Student Christian Movement.

OA holds three meetings a year, and every training course (both residential and non-residential) is encouraged to send an elected representative. At the meetings, we consider issues relating to the training and support of current ordinands, and longer-term questions which have a bearing on the way ordinands will be trained and supported in future.  Recently, key topics have included the introduction of Common Awards, and the national Resourcing Ministerial Education report.

We frequently welcome representatives from Church House or General Synod to our meetings, in order to forge fruitful communication links and help them to be as effective as possible in their work.

Finally, the Ordinands’ Association provides a forum for members of different colleges to support each other through prayer and the building of relationships.




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