In January 2019 an Emergency General Meeting was called to essentially rescue the Ordinands’ Association from falling into oblivion, after 50 years of existence.

It seems that currently very few ordinands in the Church of England are aware that there is such a thing as the Ordinands’ Association, and so probably the first thing that should be explained is what the Association is, and what it is there to do.

The Association’s role, according to the terms of its Constitution, is as follows:

(1)       to represent the needs and views of members (that is Ordinands) to the Ministry Divisions, Institutions, or other body or bodies the Committee shall deem appropriate;

(2)   to provide representatives to Ministry Committees;

(3)   to produce, where desirable, reports on aspects of training, and to provide resources;

(4)   to foster corporate reflection by Members (that is Ordinands) upon their engagement in training for Ministry

We have summarised this as follows:


Each TEI will elect a representative to attend meetings of the Ordinands’ Association. We will endeavour to hold three meetings per year, one of which it is hoped will be as part of a day-conference – this will be especially important going forward as opportunities for ordinands from the different colleges and courses to meet with each other are limited.

People from this group of representatives will be asked to assist in seeking views of the wider Ordinand body on any range of issues for which Ministry Division seeks our input.

The membership will produce information both for Ministry Division and for the wider Ordinand audience – some of this may be published on this website. The aim is to be able to provide information and support to new ordinands, as well as to answer some of the key commonly asked questions as people progress through this foundational training for ministry.

As a group the membership will endeavour to offer support to ordinands in training – this might be on issues related to their training course, their TEI, their move into curacy. The support may be by finding appropriate help, or sourcing answers. Sharing elements of this on our website may also help others to find information to deal with issues or problems.

Our next meeting is planned to be held in May 2019. Further details will follow shortly.